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Seals & Crests

The seals illustrated are only examples, independently chosen as cover pictures. We at Trevor Floyd & Company have a great deal of heraldic knowledge with a large database of heraldic seals, crests and shields for many denominations, schools, universities, churches and diocese in addition to personal seals, crests and shields.

We invite you to peruse the embroidery work shown here however, please know that we can work with you to create special pieces to your specifications and in addition, we can provide family crests. If there are seals that you have an interest in and would like us to have manufactured for you, we will be happy to lend you our help and expertise.

The beautiful embroideries can be designed for tippets and for mounting in a shadow box as a presentation gift or one can have them made as blazer or gown ornamentation. We charge $45.00 each for all seals in inventory and also offer special commission work starting at $50.00 with a minimum order of 4 seals. Please note, if we are required to provide special artwork in order to design the seal, there will be an additional art fee involved. Please contact us for further details.

If you can provide the necessary color artwork, this will enable us to promptly quote for your special design.

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